Curriculum Vitae

Personal data  

Name: Niels Gregersen 
 Private address: Birkegade 19 1. tv., 2200 København N, Denmark 
 Marital status: Married 
 Citizenship: Danish 
 Birth: 2/2-1976 in Hørsholm, Denmark
 Languages: Danish (mother tongue), English (fluently), French (excellent) 


1995: Baccalauréat from the Lycée Français (French high school) in Moscow, Russia 
1999: Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Copenhagen. 
2002:  Master's degree in physics from the University of Copenhagen.
2006:  PhD degree from DTU Fotonik


2002 - 2003: Research scientist at Alight Technologies A/S 
2003 - 2006: PhD student at DTU Fotonik
2006 - 2010: Postdoc at DTU Fotonik 
2010 - 2011: Assistant professor at DTU Fotonik 
2011 - Associate professor at DTU Fotonik 

Scientific expertise

NG has a strong background in theoretical physics with emphasis on condensed matter physics. He has extensive expertise in theoretical understanding, numerical modeling and device design of semiconductor lasers and also hands-on experience with the experimental fabrication of these devices. Furthermore, he has broad experience with numerical modeling of the optical field in nano-structures. 

Professional interest

Even though NG has mainly worked with theory and modeling, his interest in pure theory is limited. He is primarily interested in application-oriented research involving the physical understanding and design of devices that are commercially attractive. NG has experience from the early stages of a start-up company and a long-term objective of his is to become an entrepreneur himself by exploiting patentable know-how obtained during his research career.