Linear Optics Quantum Information Technology


NG is teaching the Ph.D. course 34092 Nano-Optics during the fall semester. The student taking this course will be familiarized with the theoretical foundation of nano-optics, understand the physics light emission and optical interactions in nanoscale environments and master various methods for computing the optical field, including the Green’s function formalism.



We offer several and projects related to nanowires, nano-optics and optical simulation methods. Examples are

B.Sc/M.Sc project: Nanowire single-photon sources. (Project poster.)

M.Sc. project: Optical properties of photonic crystal microcavities and waveguides.

We also offer 

a 3 week "Special course" project: Optical Simulations of Structured Materials

a “fag-projekt”: Single-photon sources for quantum information processing.

Reading material

  • Article in on the nanowire SPS activities at DTU Fotonik