Linear Optics Quantum Information Technology

People involved 

Niels Gregersen

Numerical simulation tools based on the modal method for advanced asymmetric structures. Design and simulation of single-photon sources.

Biying Wang

Designs for high-efficiency single-photon sources with vertical emission.

Ugur Meriç Gür

New simulation tools. Designs for high-efficiency single-photon sources with in-plane emission.

Jesper Mørk

Head of Nanophotonics section.


External collaborators


Julien Claudon

Experimental fabrication of nanowire SPS devices at CEA Grenoble.


Jean-Michel Gérard

Head of Nanophysics and Semiconductors CEA-CNRS Laboratory in Grenoble.


Sven Höfling

Fabrication of microcavity pillars at the University of Würzburg.


Stephan Reitzenstein

Cavity QED in microcavity systems at the Technical University of Berlin.