Linear Optics Quantum Information Technology

People involved 

Niels Gregersen

Development of numerical simulation tools based on the modal method for advanced asymmetric structures.


Andreas Dyhl Østerkryger

Development of numerical simulation tools for single-photon source engineering.


Masoomeh Taherkhani

Modeling of optical quantum gates in photonic nanowires and planar devices.


Jesper Mørk

Head of Nanophotonics section.


External collaborators


Julien Claudon

Experimental fabrication of nanowire SPS devices at CEA Grenoble


Jean-Michel Gérard

Head of Nanophysics and Semiconductors CEA-CNRS Laboratory in Grenoble


Sven Höfling

Fabrication of microcavity pillars at the University of Würzburg


Stephan Reitzenstein

Cavity QED in microcavity systems at the Technical University of Berlin