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Artistic illustration of micropillar-based single-photon sources emitting single photons towards the top

Welcome to the homepage of the Quantum Light Sources group at DTU Fotonik. Our objective is to develop high-efficiency semiconductor-quantum-dot-based quantum light sources for applications in optical quantum computing and quantum communication. We aim at establishing the physical understanding necessary to engineer sources of single indistinguishable photons as well as entangled photon pairs with near-unity efficiency approaching 100 %.

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Recent news:

  • (03/2021) Our APL paper about suppressing the background emission in micropillar single-photon sources was selected as "Editor's Pick".
  • (02/2021) Our recent APL paper on single-photon emission from elliptical micropillars received an "Editor's Pick".
  • (09/2020) Niels receives "Elektroprisen" from the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA).


Past news:


The research is headed by 

Niels Gregersen, Ph.D.



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